How to recognize a reliable long distance moving company?

Moving is not easy – believe us! It might seem that way, but it really is not.  Putting your whole life in boxes and suitcases is hard and everything else but simple. And the last days of your relocation project – the ones that come right before the moving day itself – are the hardest. And if you are thinking about moving long distance – know that this kind of moving is even harder. So, what can you do? Hire a professional moving company. Hire a company that can help you relocate quickly and efficiently. Look for movers that you can trust and rely on. Let only experienced moving specialists to handle your belongings. That is – if you want to avoid stress and hassle. Many things can go wrong when moving. There are numerous mistakes you should avoid, and the only way to do so is by hiring a reliable long distance moving company.

Do you really need all that help?

Let me be short – yes. As we have already said – moving is not easy. And even the easiest tasks aren’t all that easy. And the only way to prevent horror movie stories is by hiring a reliable long distance moving company. The company that can help you move. But – really help you, not make things even worse.

Yes, you will need all hands on deck.

Avoiding common moving mistakes should really be at the top of your list. Why? Making things right again can cost you a lot of time and money. And we all know that you need all the time you got when moving. Not to mention the money. Money IS time. So – hiring a reliable moving company is actually saving you not only nerves but also money. Even if it doesn’t seem like it at first glance.

How can a reliable long distance moving company help you?

An experienced and professional moving company can help you with every aspect of your moving project. And I mean every single one. From planning and preparing for your move, to unpacking your belongings and staging your house. All you have to do is to find the right one. How? We will help you do just that! So, keep on reading and learn how to recognize and hire a reliable long distance moving company!

Makings of every reliable moving company

#1 License

Start by looking for licensed moving companies. This is aspect is the most important one. If the moving company of your choice isn’t licensed, our advice is to start looking for another one. Never, and we mean NEVER trust your belongings to someone who isn’t reliable. And – you need the law on your side if anything goes missing or ends up damaged.

A reliable long distance moving company should have proper licenses before providing and services.

Avoid common moving scams

In order to avoid getting scammed – you need to take every precaution you can. That means – don’t trust anyone. Handshake deals aren’t a good idea. You can easily check out almost every moving company online. The same goes for their licenses. So – give it a go and ensure your own and your belonging’s safety.

#2 Insurance policies

Every reliable long distance moving company will offer you options for ensuring your belongings. And you should. There are many options and deals to choose from, so make sure you find the one that covers it all. And – even if something goes missing or ends up damaged or destroyed – you are covered. You don’t have to worry about your items and stress about moving – just pick the right insurance deal.

#3 Communication

Try to find a mover you can talk to. It is really important you do. Good communication is a key factor of every successful move. You need someone who you don’t only trust, but someone who is happy to provide you with every information that you might need. Moving business or house is messy and confusing. That is the main reason why you need someone who can explain everything to you. But, don’t worry. Every reliable long distance moving company will support you through the process. And not only that! They will be happy to provide you with all the information and advice that you might need. Do you have a question? Your mover should answer it with pleasure.

A woman talking on the phone.
A good communication is a key.

#4 Right tools

In order to move large, bulky and special items – you need to find a moving specialist that has all the right tools. And if they are top-shelf, why not? Transferring a piano or a billiard table isn’t really possible without the right tools. Maybe you will need to disassemble a sofa before you transfer it. Or you will need to put back your pull table. So – find a mover who is able to do all that for you.

Right tools are the must.

#5 Wide range of services

Every relocation is different. And the same goes for a long distance move. In order to carry out a long distance and satisfy all your moving needs at the same time, the moving company of your choosing should offer you a wide range of services. Not everybody needs the same things done for them. You are unique, just like your moving project. So – find a moving company that offers you a wide range of moving services to choose from.

#6 Precise moving estimate

If you aren’t sure how much your relocation will cost, and you need to know the exact number – ask your mover for a moving quote. Most moving companies offer them for free. But, do you know how to get a precise moving estimate?

  • Over the phone.
  • Over the Internet.
  • In-house.

Over the phone

Over the phone, moving estimates aren’t all that precise, and if that is your main criteria stay away from this option. If not – be accurate. Call the mover of your choice and tell them every little detail. From what you are planning on moving to the distance. Every little detail matters, and if you forget to mention it – don’t be surprised by the price change.

Over the Internet

Over the internet, an estimate is more accurate than the one over the phone, but it is still not the best choice. Of course, if you want to know the exact amount. Go online, find the company and put in your information. An online calculator will give you an estimate, and you can go from there.

Work station.
You can get your moving estimate over the internet.


But – if you need a precise moving estimate, the best thing you can do is to let a professional estimator come to your address and estimate everything in person. This person will have to check everything – from your attic to your basement, including every kitchen cabinet and every drawer in your house. However – you will know the exact price in the end. A reliable long distance moving company will offer you a written estimate – so make sure you get one! Once you sign legal documentation the price won’t change. Of course, if you don’t change the amount of things that need to be transferred.

#7 Affordability

A reliable long distance moving company will offer you not only a wide range of moving services, insurance options, and precise moving estimate – it should give you a reasonable offer as well. Prices vary, but you should find a mover that is affordable. Try to find the balance. Higher price doesn’t always mean that the moving company is better than the others. So – be wise!

Moving without breaking the bank is more than possible!

#8 Experience

That’s right! You should never let someone inexperienced to handle your precious belongings. And the only way to avoid doing such a thing is by finding an experienced moving company. Try to find a mover with many moving projects in the past. An experienced mover will know how to avoid moving mistakes. And that might seem like unnecessary precaution – but it is really not. You need someone who knows relocation inside out.

#9 Highly-trained personnel

You probably love your belongings. And you probably don’t want anything bad happening to them. But, how to avoid unpleasant situations? By teaming up with a reliable long distance moving company that has the only highly-trained personnel. Relocation specialists are your best allies when moving. Home or business. You need only the best from the best when relocating. And moving experts are the only ones you should entrust your belongings to.

#10 No hidden costs

As I mentioned before, every reliable long distance moving company will offer you a written moving estimate. And you should accept it. Why? To avoid paying more than you can afford. Every relocation is unique, and its price depends on many factors. The problem with that is that these factors can change over time. Especially if you hire a mover in advance. And, if there are some additional costs, it doesn’t always mean someone is trying to rip you off. But, there are some companies that will easily charge you some extra money. The only way to avoid having to pay for additional, hidden costs and fees is by getting a written estimate. It really is.

Work station - scam button.
Avoid moving scams, hidden costs and additional fees by teaming up with a reliable long distance moving company in the first place.

How to find a reliable long distance moving company?

Finding such mover isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible either. So, let’s start!

Start by asking the people you trust for references

The safest way to go is to get references from the people you trust. So, ask away! Contact your family members, close friends, neighbors and co-workers for advice. Someone has moved for sure. And – live word is the best reference.

Online search

If no one from your circle hasn’t moved in a while, the only option left is to find a mover online. Don’t panic yet. It is possible to find a reliable long distance mover online. All you have to do is to give it some time. So, let’s start together! It is time to open your internet browser and type in the magic words. A reliable long distance moving company. Open many tabs. Read all the reviews. Be patient. And, most importantly – be smart. Good reviews can be bought these days, so be careful. Don’t trust the reviews on the company’s website only. Look for the ones outside. Join a forum. Read a discussion. Yes. This can be frustrating. And, yes – it will last longer than you expected, but it needs to be done. Finding a reliable long distance moving company is a serious task, and you should give it your best. That is – if you want your relocation to go smooth and stress-free. And remember, this aspect is really important if you are planning on moving with kids.

A man looking at a project.
Look for red flags and try to avoid moving scams.

How to avoid moving scams?

Easily. Follow our advice, and find a mover that checks all the boxes. If something seems strange, it might be a good idea to look for another mover. Do your best to avoid moving scams. There are many options on the market and the chances of finding another one are greater than you think. Look for the red flags. And if there are any – go the other direction. Never trust moving companies that aren’t properly licensed and insured. Go with the best of the best. Never settle for rest. That is – if your safety comes first.


Finding and recognizing a reliable long distance moving company isn’t easy, but it is possible. So, give it your best. Try to find a mover that satisfies all your standards. And if you try hard enough – you will find the right mover for sure!

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