Experiences with moving from Europe to the USA

How fantastic would it be to move to the states, earn some money, and come back to Europe to enjoy? Well, this is the step that so many Europeans take into consideration. Especially the younger ones. Having that there are so many fantastically strong multinational companies in the US, you can’t blame them. Earning money in the states is the main reason for immigration to this country in Northern America. You can’t say that the economy of Europe, especially of EU, is bad. But you must admit that there are bigger chances to make the fortune in the US. Before you make the decision to move, explore such a venture. Read about the experiences with moving from Europe to the USA. Find out how that kind of adventure ended up for those undertaking it before you. Every experience makes good for you.

Experiences with moving from Europe to the USA are very important to know
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Expats experiences with moving from Europe to the USA

Prior to your search for European removals to move you to the states, you must find out if your fortune is in the USA. You should do that even before choosing the best cities in the US for your migration from Europe. I mean, you can’t know that exactly. But you could find out everything about relocation from the Old Continent to Northern America. By that, you could figure out if there’s a chance of advancing in your career and your life by migrating from Europe to America. Here are some categories of expats experiences with moving from Europe to the USA:

  • Finding a job as European expat in the USA- How difficult it is to obtain a working visa as European migrating to the land of opportunity.
  • Working conditions in the states- What are the experiences with moving from Europe to the USA when it comes to the workplace.
  • Housing matter- Comparison of living in the states vs living in Europe based on the housing.
  • The transportation system in the US- How good it is compared to the European moving.
  • The matter of safety- Can Europeans feel safe in America?

Is it easy to get a job in the states as European expat?

It's not easy to get a job, that's what are the experiences of people moving from Europe to America
The experience of European immigrants to the US is that it isn’t easy to get a job

The experience of European expats is that it’s everything but easy to get a job in the USA coming from the Old Continent. Don’t run into any decision. Measure your chances of getting a job in such a developed country as the US. What do you think, would your country rather employ a foreign worker or your compatriots for the same quality offered? Well, the same stands for the US. Of course, there are some exceptions. If you’re the kind of worker like no other in the states, or you have some skills that nobody in the states can follow, you’ll be more than welcome in any company in the USA. But a European moving to the states, at least that’s what the experienced say, should try to get a job overseas before the decision to move there. Because if you can’t, it’s better not to migrate from Europe to the USA.

How is it like to work in the states compared to Europe?

Far more difficult. The most of the people moving to the states claim they never were forced to invest themselves into the job back in Europe. There are several facts to back up this story. Not a single parental leave day is guaranteed by the law. You don’t have a guaranteed vacation either. Lunch break is miserable comparing to the lunch break in Europe etc. This is what you should know, in case you’re interested in experiences with moving from Europe to the USA. Surely, the practice is slightly different. the most of the employers give you parental leave and vacation. That’s because they won’t loose their good workers. Only, you must know that you mostly get 10 days of paid vacation per year at the beginning! Comparing to 20 or more back in Europe.

European vs American housing

When it comes to the look of the housing, the variety is almost the same you have back in Europe. It is up to you to choose to live in downtown building apartment or in the house in the suburb. What can be perceived as different is the price you pay for the housing. You would pay a significant amount of money for rent after moving from Europe to America. A newcomer to the USA from The Old Continent must know that you must be paid well to afford the decent housing and decent life in the states. If you’re moving from Europe to the USA to reach the American dream, then you ought to know that you must probably earn more in Land of Freedom to reach the same life standard as in Europe.

What is like American transportation to European newcomer?

The matter of fact is that American system of transportation is better than European. You can live anywhere around the city where you work, and get there for 30 minutes to one hour at most using almost any kind of transportation. The quickest way to move is using the subway. There is a subway in almost every bigger city in the USA. So, considering transportations system, you could say that the experience with moving from Europe to the USA would be great.

American vs European safety

According to the statistics, Europe is safer than the USA
The statistics show that The Old Continent is safer than the US

Talking about the matter of safety, we must say that it has increased in the states in last twenty years. The number of murders in the states was 8.5 per 100.000 people in 1995, and now it’s somewhere around 5. It means that the safety increased significantly. Still, it’s almost twice more than the number of murders in Europe, which is below 3 per 100.000 people on average.

In fact, it is below 1 in the safest countries such as Germany for example (0.8). Although, when considering the migration from Europe to the states, you must check the safety of the state you plan on moving to. Because the safety varies inside of the USA, just like it varies inside of Europe.

When it comes to experiences with moving from Europe to the USA, people who migrated from The Old Continent to the US say that they feel pretty safe, comparing to what they expected, based on the numbers. Yet, they say they felt safer back in Europe.

Certainly, you must know pros and cons of moving from Europe to America. This is where we can help you. We based our explorations in this article on the matter of the job of a European moving to the USA. Therefore we asked people about the matters connected to it. In our articles to come, we shall discuss more subjects on the experiences with moving from Europe to the USA. Keep following us and stay updated with the crucial information!

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