Best Florida cities for European newcomers

People constantly migrate from Europe to the USA as well as in the opposite direction. So many people wrote to us with the questions what are the best Florida cities for European newcomers. Now, although there is no simple answer to this question,  given that people like different things, there are some cities the concentration of Europeans is bigger than in other Florida cities. After a thorough research, we came up with three cities the most people moving from Europe to Florida are coming to. We shall discuss what attracts people to come here. Also, we’ll provide you with the basic info about those cities. Get ready for moving to the Sunny state! Here come the best Florida cities for European newcomers!

Where are Europeans moving to in Florida?

Before we provide you with the results of our research, let us repeat once again – you might have completely different expectations from Florida life. Hence, moving to these three cities might not be the best solution for you. This exploration was made among the people who moved to Florida in the past years. So we suggest you read the article, get the picture about those cities that Europeans seem to like, do your own research about different Florida cities, and only then hire one of the Florida long distance moving companies. Moving abroad is a difficult task for everyone, so make sure you consult your moving company for suggestions. Perhaps they can recommend a Florida city that would perfectly fit your needs. After all, the long distance and international moving companies in the Sunshine State are dealing with such dilemmas every day.

Now that we made sure you’ll think twice before you make your decision, here are the best Florida cities for European newcomers we got as a result of our research:

St. Augustine- The oldest city in the USA! If there are no more reasons (and there are a lot of them), this could be something that could attract you to pick St. Augustine as the best place in Florida for Europeans!

Tarpon Springs- Would you like to have all the comfort of an American dream, and still live in a city that looks completely like Greece, then this city might be the perfect choice for your as a European moving to Florida.

Key West- This is one of the best Florida cities for European newcomers from the eastern part of the Old Continent. An island that people consider to be a piece of heaven on Earth!

St. Augustine – The Sunshine State city for history lovers from Europe

Europe - Florida move: the best cities
top cities for Europe – Florida move

Back in 2015, St. Augustine celebrated the 450th birthday! It means this is the oldest city in all of the USA. The historical amenities here are numerous. And they date from a long period in American history. This is the reason why so many people from the Old Continent who love history consider it one of the best Florida cities for European newcomers. Besides the history, there’s an active and artistic community in this city. Hence, St. Augustin attracts the artists from Europe too. Also, there is a high-quality education offered to those newcomers from Europe who consider it to be one of the best Florida cities to move to. Many reasons to move to St. Augustine do not mean it will be the perfect city for you. But if you like all the things we mentioned here. it could be just the right solution for your family.

Basic information about the city:

Location: St. Johns County

Population: 13.700

Median income: 43.000$

Median home value: 212.600$

Tarpon Springs – Among the best Florida cities for European newcomers in love with Greece

One of the best cities for European newcomers who love Greece – Tarpon Springs

You don’t have to live in Greece if you love Greece. Honestly, there are probably better places around the world to chase your dreams in the business sense. Thinking of business, is there a better country than the USA? You’ve all heard of American Dream. Yes, it’s still alive. Why wouldn’t you choose a place in the States looking just like Greece, and still be able to chase your dreams? If this sounds great, then Tarpon Springs is the city for you. It’s in the Sunny State and you won’t find a difference between this place and some place in Greece!

There is a Greek Orthodox church here, that highly influences a community here. And the Greek restaurants will make you feel that great Greek relaxed in the USA! It surely depends on you only what seems to be the best Florida city for you as a newcomer from Europe. But if the spirit of Greece is what ‘keeps you alive’, then move to Tarpon Springs and you shall enjoy the rest of your life!

Basic information about the city

Location: Pinellas County

Population: 24.000

Median income: 45.100$

Median home value: 164.400$

Key West – The city that shall make Europeans feel connected!

Key West – A city where the newcomers from Europe can fully enjoy!

There are 42 bridges in Key West, connecting the inhabitants to almost everything near it. On the other hand, given that the most of the things are coming to Key West across the bridges, everything here is a bit more expensive. This is also an old city, dating from 1820. At the beginning, it was the base where the Bahamians who survived the shipwreck would find their salvation. Later, it developed into a strong city, with many wealthy people coming here to find their peace.

The city lives almost completely out of the tourism, given that many people come here for a vacation. The community here is a mixture of completely different types of people. So, if you’re looking for a place where there is summer for almost all of the year, with the cultural, ethnical, and every other diversity you can imagine, then there’s no better city in Florida for European newcomers.

Basic information about the city

Location: Monroe County

Population: 25.300

Median income: 57.000$

Median home value: 439.000$

What are the best Florida cities for European newcomers according to you?

As we previously said, these three cities are not the perfect solution for all the Europeans. On the other hand, there is a great chance that one of these cities would perfectly fit your needs. Still, there are those among you who dream of moving to Miami. Miami, to be honest, is the best-known city in Florida. There are many Europeans searching for the best Miami moving company to help them relocate safely. But not all of the people, not even the majority, consider Miami to be a perfect choice. For those who do, and those who’d like to move anywhere else in Florida, we offer to provide you with the most important tips on how to do that, and whether or not should you move there. Contact us, and we’ll make your Florida move an adventure!