Best European islands to move to and find the peace

Have you ever thought of moving away from everything to find your own peace? Well, I suppose you have. But how strong your will is? If it is strong enough to call for an action, this is the right place for you! We shall discuss the best European islands to move to and find the peace. Not only that you will be separated from the rest of the world by water, but your mind will be completely on another level of existence. Nature, people and overall environment in the islands we will talk about is so inviting to spend the rest of your life there. And you will. As soon as you pay one of them a visit. Make a peaceful atmosphere, grab your computer, and let’s start the adventure of finding European islands to move to and find the peace!

Guide to a lifetime adventure:

Best European islands to move to and find the peace

Start searching for European removals, because starting from now you’ll want to change your life completely! We didn’t search for the glamorous islands. Nor did we seek for the islands where young people come and party 24/7. The field of our interests in this research was where you can find peace and live in harmony with nature. With the opportunity to give yourself vent once in a while. Here are the three islands that we pointed out as the most attractive for that kind of life:

  • Zakynthos (Zante), Greece – Moving to this European island would bring stunning sunsets into your everyday routine.
  • Ischia, Italy – It probably got the name for wild untouched green nature. More requirements of European islands to move to and find the peace?
  • Madeira, Portugal – From the mountains to the sea. From anger to nirvana in seconds!

Zante, Greek nature to recover your soul

European islands to move to and find the peace: Zante

A terrific nature, everywhere you look around Zante island. In front of you, behind, left, right… With the peaceful, quiet and calm atmosphere which you can find only in monastic temples. There were many artists who used to come here and find their motivation in the days when they felt lost. And even an average person who moves to this island in The Old Continent to find the peace becomes some kind of an artist!

Let’s start with Zante town. It was ruined by an earthquake in 1953, but it was rebuilt again. You’ll find some special pieces of art, great little Mediterranean streets and a church dedicated to Zante patron, Aghios Dionysios. You could spend here a great couple of hours. But let’s not exaggerate. We said that we won’t discuss the modern fun more often than once in a while.

Rent a boat and go to the Blue Caves. They got the name by the turquoise water in them. They were discovered at the end of the 19th century. So they are untouched nature just calling for you to come and live with it, in pure silence broken only by the sound of water.

Visit the Kampi village after you move to this European island. It’s not that easy to find, but if you follow the instructions, you’ll manage to do that. And when you do, go to a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Greek civil war. Stand on the cliff and you’ll probably nowhere else find the sight of the Sun melting in the sea with that beautiful sight!

Ischia, Italian island where you can discover something new each day

European islands to move to and find the peace: Ischia

All until 1951, Ischia was unknown even to the most of Italians all until Andrea Rizzoli, famous film director came with his yacht. He invested a serious amount of money, and in 50’s and 60’s of the past millennium, this place used to be a must for all the ‘important’ people from Italian and Hollywood movies industry. Today, this would be one of the best European islands to move to and find the peace.

Here are some of the Ischia’s attractions (I’m saying some because this island isn’t still fully explored):

  • The thermal gardens in Ischia- Maybe something this island is the most famous for. So many people, coming to Ischia for the first time, after enjoying this natural beauty declared that they would sign to move to this European island and stay for the rest of their lives. Even the Romans enjoyed these thermal waters. Today, there are many parks beautiful even to see. Some of the most popular parks are: Poseidon garden’s spa, Aphrodite garden’s, Eden tropical etc.
  • Sorgeto Bay in Ischia- To come to this beautiful place you need to walk down the 234 steps. But the reward you get in the end is indescribable. The springs of hot water cross the sea, creating the pools of different size and different water temperature. If you decide to move to this island in The Old Continent and find your peace, we suggest you come early to this place. Being that this is one of the most popular attractions for the inhabitants of Ischia.
  • The church of Soccorosso- One of the most attractive places where tourists take photographs for the memories. There are several architectural styles pleasing your eyes. And there are the signs of sailors gratitude for surviving the storm all over it!

Madeira, Portuguese island perfect for everyday adventures

Madeira, above the clouds in one of European islands to move to and find the peace
European islands to move to and find the peace: Madeira

This European island in Portugal is mostly mountain, with almost no beaches. There are mostly rocks and cliffs in the places where the island touches the sea. On the other hand, for someone who loves the adventures in the mountains, with the terrific view of the sea, Madeira is probably the best place in the world. The highest peak here is 1862m.

As we said, the island of Madeira is a perfect place for the adventures. You can surf, hitch hike or just enjoy some scenic view on one of the road trips you take. The choice is only up to you. You will have the plenty of possibilities for all sorts of fun if you choose this out of European islands to move to and find the peace.

One of the attractions that amaze most of the newcomers to this beautiful European island is that you can jump in the cable car and climb up to the botanical garden or the Monte Palace. The other way round, you can go by the toboggan!

If you love adventures, here’s a great idea what you can do after moving to live in Madeira island in Europe- climb up the mountain Pico do Arriero mountain and get to be above the clouds! If not that much of an adventurist, and still like beautiful views, you can go up using the bus!

An admirer of the finest drinks? Something I drank here amazed me. It is a local drink called Poncha. I knew you’d think about the Madeira’s wines. Yes, you would enjoy them very much. But being that it’s always good to taste something new, I recommend you taste Poncha!

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