10 Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving properly on your first try is everyone’s desire. But, it rarely happens. And by rarely, we mean never. Moving is a complicated project, and the odds of you doing it properly on your first try are minimal at best. Therefore, you are going to make mistakes. But, you need to be aware of moving mistakes to avoid them successfully. Just keep our list in mind when handling your move and you do yourself a world of good.

Common moving mistakes to avoid

Since we cannot write a book, we have to focus on the most common moving mistakes that people make. Mind you that even though they are common, they are by no means benign. Therefore you should try your best and keep in mind these moving mistakes to avoid.

Moving Mistakes to Avoid
These are some of the moving mistakes to avoid and save both time and money.

Bad movers

When moving day comes your movers will either be your best friends or your worst enemies. Therefore, one of the moving mistakes to avoid is getting stuck with bad movers. Do your research carefully in order to make sure that the movers you have picked are reliable and trustworthy. Make sure that they provide you with proper paperwork before you sign any contract.

No insurance

While many movers offer moving insurance, it might not be enough. The thing is that the basic moving insurance is calculated by the weight. Therefore, if you have an expensive, fragile item that doesn’t weigh much (which is 99% of expensive items) you will not get 10% of its value if it breaks. For your expensive items, you need to get separate moving insurance in order to get any real money back if something happens. Especially keep this in mind when hiring fine art movers.

Doing everything on your own

You cannot tackle the entire move on your own. There are a lot of DIY heroes that think that with enough skills and effort they can transport everything. That is a mistake and a dangerous one. Do not risk breaking your items and needlessly wasting time and energy. If you want to save some money, get friends to help you. If you want to make sure that things get done properly, get professional movers to help you out. You are not a one-man army, nor do you need to be.

One estimate

“But my current movers are so much cheaper than the competition!” You might say. Well, says who? If they told you so, then you can be sure that it is a lie. If you want to hire proper movers you need to get at least three estimates. Only then can you know what is fair to expect for payment. Also, keep in mind that there are binding and non-binding moving estimates. Do not rush into working with the first movers you find.

More moving estimates.
The more estimates you have, the better you will know how much your relocation is worth.

Starting late

You cannot properly relocate in a week. Well, technically you can. But, a last-minute move will not only be more expensive, but it will be much more prone to moving mistakes. Do yourself a favor and start planning your move and call your movers the moment you know that you are going to move. Do not put needless stress and pressure on yourself. You will have your fair share of stress as it is.

Not having a plan

No move is possible without a moving plan. Even though this is a fact, there still are people that try to relocate without one. One of the common moving mistakes to avoid. Only when you start planning will you realize how much there is when it comes to moving and how many things you need to keep track of. Doing so without a pen and paper will not only leave you mentally drained but will increase the likelihood moving mistakes.

Bad packing

Bad packing is the most common cause of moving accidents. Just ask your movers Kearny NJ about it. A box doesn’t get taped up properly. Or there is no label for fragile or heavy items. Or, and this is the most common one, there is not enough padding and wrapping for fragile items and they get damaged during transportation. If you choose to pack yourself, it will be up to you to make sure that your move goes without mishaps.

Broken plate
It is up to you to make sure that your plates and mugs survive the relocation.

Packing everything

What you should pack for moving? Well, everything, right? Wrong! Pack only what you need. Start off by sorting your things into three groups. Things that you need. The things that you don’t need. And, the things that you need every day. Things that you need, you pack. You can donate, sell or throw away the things that you don’t need, but do not pack them. And, finally, you need to have a specific set of things that will be with you at all times. These are your everyday items, then you shouldn’t have to look for in moving boxes.

Being a control freak

Not everyone is like this, but if you are… Ugh… Don’t do it. Hire movers that you trust and let them do the job that they are paid to do. Do not try to micromanage, no matter how many articles you read online. You do not know the moving job better than professional movers. Therefore, you will only slow them down and make your move needlessly stressful and long. Let people do what they do best.

Drinking too much coffee

The final one of moving mistakes to avoid is related to health. Many people are stressed out because of moving. As a result, they have trouble sleeping and end up drinking too much coffee. This is not healthy. Not only does caffeine increase your anxiety, but the sugar that you put in your coffee will further cause issues with sleeping. Do yourself a favor and limit yourself to 2 cups of coffee a day. And don’t try to be clever and by a 0,5l mug. Two standard coffee mugs are enough for a day.